Goaheadmission is dedicated to the welfare of Orphan Kids

We have many outreach program to help orphan kids become leaders of tomorrow by training and through media and technology.
We need your sponsorship and encouragement so we ask that you listen to our media below or scroll down for More about us.

Annual Activities For Our Children

Each Year We bring orphan children from South Korea to the United States,where they are treated to a wealth of activities.
These include but not limited to sightseeing major colleges,landmarks,historical,political and judiciary sites and venues.

Goahead Mission Statement

In our main name,"Goahead" carries a positive enpowering meaning "Goa" in Korean means orphan and their promising leadership role is represent in the word "head" As such the Mission objective is to support and developed our orphan children to become effective leaders in our society

Learn about Goahead Mission Inc.

Goahead Mission was established in February 2002 as a non-profit, charitable,exempt, donations organization
Approved by the State of New Jersey and The Internal Revenue Service of the United States Of America

Goahead Mission is as an organization that serves the needs of orphans throughout the world. Currently, the concentration of our work is focused on the orphans living in South Korea. We are currently taking care of over 500 orphans in Korea, as well as native Korean orphans living in the United States and China. Our plans include reaching out to the Korean orphans in North Korea, Southeast Asia and Latin America.

Approximately 45% of the children sponsored by Goahead Mission are those living in orphanages. The rest are those who are the legal heads of the household; those that live with their grandparents who are not financially independent or with a parent with special needs; those from homes living in extreme poverty even with the aid from the government; or those who are children of pastors who minister in rural areas where economic difficulty pervades.

Goahead Mission children live in all parts of Korea, including Seoul, Incheon, Kangwondo, Choongnam, Jeonbuk, Daegu, Gyeongnam, Busan, and Jeju Island.

Goahead Mission not only sends its monthly financial support to our children, but also looks after, intercedes for, and fellowship with them so that they can grow as God’s beloved. Some of our children receive scholarships, while some receive direct assistance from their sponsors. Still, many others receive regular stipend amount through Goahead.

Goahead Mission also has a “Study Abroad Program” to develop future leaders. In this program, Goahead Mission enables few exceptional orphan students to study abroad by providing full scholarships and living expenses. Additionally, we hold a “Uniform Drive,” where school uniforms are provided to freshmen students each year. We also hold a 2-week “Leadership Training,” where we annually invite about 10 junior high and high school students with strong leadership potentials to US to meet with Korean-American leaders in various fields. “Summer Camp” is another major event in which we send Korean American children to South Korea for two weeks to spend a week with orphans, and another week visiting various places in South Korea to learn about their motherland.

Additionally, there are a number of other special events like “Birthday Celebration” and “ Award Celebration “ events. Please continue to pray for our children, sponsor them, and be their accountability partners. Goahead Mission will do its best to serve in this ministry by accurately reporting in our newsletters how our children are growing, whom God has granted us to our care, and to see our children become the salt and the light of the world, sharing the love of God with one another. If you are willing, we would like to partner with you until the day of Lord’s coming in seeing our children grow as wonderful members of our society. We pray that the Lord watches over your health, and for His blessing upon your household, church, workplace, and in everything you do in God. We sincerely thank you for your support.

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